maria over bitches

No one should read this.

I’ve been smoking weed since I was 12 years old, its like a part of who I am now. some of you might think that’s sad but, fuck you. I’ve recently decided not to quit but to stop for a couple months, this won’t be the first time I’ve stopped but for some reason this time it feels different… When I mention this to my friends I get two responses. 1. “Wtf ?? Why?? Dont do this!! 2. “Wow, that’s awesome Maria! Good luck I’m so proud of you”

To both I still say fuck you! I’m scared I’m going to find out how hard this really is, not because I think I’m addicted but because I don’t want to quit! I’m doing this for the following reasons. And though yall might think this is my main reason its not the more and more I think about it. I applied to a job a pretty cool job that drug tests. Everyone excepts that reason I stick to that reason. But really, maybe its time for a break, I wanna see who I am now without weed. I wanna see how far I can run, how healthy my diet can be, how funny I still am, how much more social I can be! Not that I lacked anything in any of the above fields, but why not be better? Anyway life will always be greener with weed in it But starting today I’ll try to color it green myself until the day I casually say yes to another puff. Until then Much love and respect, stay green, stay high and never too burnt <3